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How Do I Adopt a Bird?

How Do I Adopt a Bird?

The adoption process at Open Wings Rescue and Sanctuary can be divided into four parts. Below is both a summary of our four step adoption system, along with some important information for those who wish to adopt.

Step 1: Select a Bird and Fill Out an Application

Once you have selected a bird you would like to adopt, you will need to fill out an Application for Adoption and email it to us at the following email address:

Here is our list of birds available for adoption.

Step 2: Phone Interview

Once we have reviewed your application we will contact you for a short phone interview. The interview will take 15-30 minutes and consists of a general discussion of your application and additional questions. 

This is also a great time to ask your own questions regarding the adoption.

Step 3: Quality Time

Provided the phone interview goes well, we will have you come in for some one-on-one time with the bird you are planning to adopt. The reason we do this is to ensure that you are a good match for the bird, and you think the bird is a good match for you.

Step 4: Home Inspection

If you are adopting a small bird, there is no need for a home inspection. 

However if you are adopting a larger bird, a representative of the rescue will contact you and schedule a home inspection. We conduct inspections to ensure the environment is suitable for the bird in question.

Assuming the above process is completed without event, you will be the proud owner of a new feathered friend.

Important Things to Remember

There are a few caveats and tips that are important to keep in mind during the adoption process:

  • We ask that you please do research on the bird you are interested in. Having knowledge during the interview processes will greatly increase your chances of a successful adoption. There are many great sites found on the web such as:

  • All potential adopters must be at least 18 years of age.

  • We do not ship birds. You must live within a 2.5 hour driving distance of an authorized representative of OWR&S. That should be easy to accommodate, however. We have representatives in Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Palatka.

  • All applications are reviewed in the order they are received. However, our birds will be placed with the applicant that offers the best possible environment for the bird's well being.